(29th) NM Browne

A rare sighting of N M Browne outdoors without a book.

N M Browne

Is a children's writer and educator.
She also writes for adults and is a fan of the weird.
She writes historically inspired fantasy and is obsessed by transformations of all kinds - girls into foxes, men into wolves, children into birds oh and she also likes dragons, and aliens, alternate history and edged weapons.

Her website is here: 
and her books can be purchased through the site.
You can also look at her blog http://bookdoctornicky.blogspot.co.uk/

A Roman Soldier escaping 'Wolf Blood' in Waterstones
Escaped Celts probably from Warriors of Alavna
This one is still fighting his way out
Another Roman escapee at the British Museum.

Historical Books:

The Warriors Trilogy:

Warriors of AlavnaWarriors of Camlann
Warriors of Ethandun
Wolf Blood

Fantasy Books:

The Story of Stone
The Spellgrinder's Apprentice

Alternate History:

Shadow Web