(26th) Dipika Mukherjee

Dipika Mukherjee’s second novel, Shambala Junction, won the Virginia Prize for Fiction
(Aurora Metro, 2016). Her debut novel, Thunder Demons (Gyaana, 2011), was longlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize and republished as Ode to Broken Things (Repeater, 2016). She won the Liakoura Prize for Poetry (USA, 2016) and the Gayatri GaMarsh Award for Literary Excellence (USA, 2015) as well as the Platform Flash Fiction Prize (India, 2009). Her short story collections include Rules of Desire (Fixi, 2015) and edited collections include ChampionFellas (Word Works, 2016), SilverfishNew Writing 6 (Silverfish, 2006) and TheMerlion and Hibiscus (Penguin, 2002). She has two poetry collections: TheThird Glass of Wine (Writer’s Workshop, 2015), and The Palimpsest of Exile, (Rubicon Press, 2009). 

She lives in Chicago. You can find out more at dipikamukherjee.com

Blogs at Author's Electric :

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--Slogans as the Very Very Short Story: Dipika Mukherjee ruminates on writing lessons from the Women’s March, Chicago (January 2017)

--Setting a Story at Shambala Junction: Dipika Mukherjee talks about mining memories of long train journeys (December 2016)

--Authors and Publishers: Dipika Mukherjee considers a relationship-in-progress (November 2016)

--The Year of Just Being There: Dipika Mukherjee looks back at 2016 (October 2016)

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