(1st) Griselda Heppel

Griselda has had stories buzzing in her head all her life but it wasn’t until her youngest child reached 11 that she started writing them down. Growing up in Germany gave her a love of Grimms’ fairy tales (especially the bloodthirsty bits) and legends, which may have something to do with her determination to create children’s versions of some of the masterpieces of European literature. Her first book, Ante’sInferno, reimagines Dante’s Inferno, with 12 year-old Ante (short for Antonia) plunged on a dark journey through the classical Underworld to the heart of hell. Published by Matador, the book won both the Children’s category of the People’s Book Prize and a Silver WishingShelf Award, and came runner-up in Writing Magazine’s Self-publishing awards.

‘An exciting adventure and a story of misunderstandings and friendship, enhanced by the intermingling Greek mythology.’ Juno Magazine

‘A really clever idea combining elements of World War 1 and Dante’s Inferno... I see it as a movie!’  Caroline Lawrence, author of The Roman Mysteries and The Pinkerton Mysteries series.

‘Griselda Heppel is a born storyteller. Your children will love her books and, to be honest, so will you.’ The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Griselda’s latest book, TheTragickall History of Henry Fowst, tackles the Faust legend, weaving Elizabethan magic, demons and historical mystery into the everyday life of an ordinary boy. Thirteen year-old Henry Fowst will do anything to overcome his problems, even follow some weird instructions in an old diary, telling you how to summon a demon to your aid....

‘A cleverly constructed mystery... this historical time slip novel is an enjoyable and exciting read.’ The Historical Novel Society.

‘Really engaged me from the very first page... a recommended treat to read, especially around Halloween time or after dark...’ Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books

Griselda is now working on The Fall of a Sparrow, a ghost story set in a 17th century country house.

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