(29th) NM Browne

N M Browne 

Is a children's writer and educator.
She also writes for adults and is a fan of the weird.
She writes historically inspired fantasy and is obsessed by transformations of all kinds - girls into foxes, men into wolves, children into birds oh and she also likes dragons, and aliens, alternate history and edged weapons.

Her website is here: 
and her books can be purchased through the site.
You can also look at her blog http://bookdoctornicky.blogspot.co.uk/

A Roman Soldier escaping 'Wolf Blood' in Waterstones
Escaped Celts probably from Warriors of Alavna
This one is still fighting his way out

Historical Books:

The Warriors Trilogy:

Warriors of Alavna
Warriors of Camlann
Warriors of Ethandun
Wolf Blood

Fantasy Books:

The Story of Stone
The Spellgrinder's Apprentice,

Alternate History:

Shadow Web

Future Dystopia:

Bad Water