(14th) Reb MacRath


One day like any other day, I grew serious about writing. For a few years, I read like a bastard and studied every book I read. Then I began to master my craft by working in the short form: short novels, not novellas, of 40K words, I channeled what I'd learned as a copywriting--pith, speed, and razzmatazz--with what I'd learned about pacing, plotting, and suspense.

Then, to get myself in an adventuresome mood, I moved cross-country to Seattle. And here I've produced an assortment of books, applying the lessons I'd' learned. If you like a smooth fusion of style and suspense, along with some laughs on the way, here they are:
1) The Seatle BOP mysteries starring wee Chief Armstrong.
2) The Boss MacTavin series: four action mysteries with the world's first Southern Scot.
3) The Fast and Furies series: five suspense tales of souls on the run from karma.

From Ceasar's Rome to Seattle today, the plot twists come at the speed of night.

Here's the Amazon link to my books:

I can be contacted at bosscorrections@hotmail.com