(30th) Debbie Young

Taking inspiration from her home in the Cotswolds
Debbie Young writes warm, witty feel-good fiction, and is currently having fun writing the Sophie Sayers Village Mysteries, a seven-book series that runs the course of a village year from one summer to the next.

The first is Best Murder in Show, which introduces fictitious village of Wendlebury Barrow, aspiring writer and inadvertent sleuth Sophie Sayers and her love interest, the charismatic local bookseller Hector Munro. The second, Trick or Murder?, is set at Halloween, and the third, a Christmas special, Murder in the Manger, is a jolly romp set around a traditional village nativity play.  Murder by the Book, the fourth book, revolves around the suspected murder of a popular romantic novelist in the run-up to Valentine's Day. She's currently editing the fifth, Springtime for Murder, which kicks off with a report of the Easter Bunny being found dead in an open grave in the village churchyard. These books all work as stand-alone novels, but are best read in sequence to follow the course of the village year and the overall plot arc of the relationship between Sophie and Hector.

Short Stories

She has also published three themed collections of short stories and flash fiction: Quick Change: 20 Tiny Tales of Transformation, Marry in Haste: 15 Short Stories of Dating, Love & Marriage, and Stocking Fillers: 12 Short Stories for Christmas. She does like a nice obvious title.

Author Advice

When she's not writing, she's networking with other indie authors, via her role as Author Advice Centre Manager for Alliance of Independent Authors' (ALLi), which includes being Commissioning Editor of their blog. She also runs local meetup groups for ALLi  in Cheltenham and Bristol, and is a frequent speaking on all aspects of self-publishing at writers' events.

Lit Fest Director & Speaker

She is the founder and director of the free Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival, which takes place every year on the closest Saturday to Shakespeare's birthday. She also often appears at other lit fests and bookish events around the country.


She is a regular columnist for two community magazines, the Hawkesbury Parish News and the award-winning Tetbury Advertiser, and has turned her archive into two books: All Part of the Charm: A Modern Memoir of English Village Life and Young By Name; Whimsical Columns from the Tetbury Advertiser 2010-2105.


A regular guest on BBC Radio Gloucestershire's Book Club slot on Dominic Cotter's lunchtime show, Debbie loves doing radio, and jumps at the chance to appear on other stations and podcasts.

She is also an official speaker for JDRF, the leading charitable fundraiser for research into better therapy and a cure for Type 1 diabetes, which affects her husband and daughter, and an informal ambassador for Read for Good (formerly known as Readathon), which encourages children to read for pleasure and provides free books and storytellers to children in hospital nationwide.

Reader & Reviewer

Debbie is an avid reader, reviewing every book she enjoys to share the pleasure, and an ambassador for the children's reading charity Readathon.

Personal Life

She lives with her Scottish husband and teenage daughter in the Cotswolds, when not off in search of adventure and internet black spots (peace at last!) in the family camper van.

Every time she updates her author bio, she realises why she is permanently tired.

For more about Debbie's writing life, visit her website: www.authordebbieyoung.com.

You'll also find her on Facebook here and on Twitter as @DebbieYoungBN.

You may order her books at any bookshop by quoting their ISBNs, and they're also for sale via Amazon and other eretailing sites - here's her Amazon author page to get them all in one handy spot: