(22nd) Ali Bacon

Ali Bacon was born in Dunfermline, Scotland - home to the first ever Carnegie library -  and graduated from St Andrews University. Since then she has lived with her husband and family in the West Country where, after a career in libraries and IT, she took up writing around ten years ago. 

Ali's first (unpublished) novel was a love story described as 'classy hen-lit', her second, published in 2012, a coming of age novel set in Scotland, and her third (in progress) a historical novel about Victorian Edinburgh. She is never quite sure where her writing journey will take her, but was delighted to join Authors Electric - many of them 'kent faces' - in 2014.  

Ali also writes feature articles, book reviews, short stories and flash fiction. Several of her short stories have won prizes or appeared in published anthologies. 

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Radio Bristol Interview, 2014